5 Tips For Making Back To School A Breeze

Are you ready for it? Summer has come to an end and its back to the hustle and bustle of school zones and car lines! Last year, punctuality was not my strong point. We were constantly running late, I was always forgetting something, and we had too many days start off poorly due to my lack of organization.This year I have committed to turning over a new leaf and I have come up with 5 helpful hints for a smooth transition back into our school routines.

  1. Get a good night’s rest. You are not your best when you are running on 3 hours of sleep. Since school is back in session, you will have to get up earlier than usual to get everyone ready and out the door. YOU set the tone for the day your children will have and being well-rested will put you in a great mood.
  2. Prepare for the next day the night before. Shower, iron the clothes, and pack the bags & lunches ahead of time. If you happen to run late, its OK, you are already one step ahead since you prepared accordingly. I find it best to leave backpacks and lunch bags by the front door so everyone can simply grab what they need as they head out.
  3. Do NOT allow your gas tank to fall below 1/4 of a tank full. The last thing you need is an unplanned stop when you’re already running behind. Always (at the very least) have enough gas to get the kids to school and you to work. You can refuel during your lunch break. Trust me on this!
  4. Treat yourself! Once a week, wake up a bit earlier and pick up tacos for yourself and the kids. Tacos make everything so much better and the kids will enjoy the nice surprise. Spontaneity in the the morning routine will give the kids something to look forward to as well. Plus, who doesn’t love a good breakfast taco?
  5. Wing it. Some days aren’t going to go according to plan no matter how well you’ve prepared in advance. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Embrace the chaos and wing it. You’re doing your very best and a bad day certainly doesn’t constitute a bad life.

The last tip I leave you all is to remember to be kind. This school year will have different beginnings for all of us. Some families are sending their children to school. Some will keep their children home for virtual learning. Let’s not judge one another for the choices we make. We are all doing what we think is best for our own families. Best of luck to all the the children, teachers, and mamas starting a new school year. Stay safe, be blessed, and love each other!

Con Mucho Carino,


Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com

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