LDW 2020: COVID-19 Edition

Labor Day is celebrated on the 1st Monday in September to pay tribute to the American worker. In the late 1800’s, the first Labor Day wasn’t known as a national holiday; it was actually a strike. During that time conditions for the American worker were deplorable. Children as young as four and five years old were employed and worked 12 hour days, seven days a week along side grown adults. Since those times working conditions have drastically changed and Labor Day is a celebration of the pioneering efforts that led to this evolution. Long story short: we get a day off of work!

This year we decided to do things differently due to the pandemic and we spent this past weekend “stay-cationing” here in San Antonio. Saturday we visited Dave & Buster’s where we spent a couple of hours playing our favorite arcade games. Naturally, wearing a mask was required. About half of the games were shut off and several tables were roped off to maintain social distancing. I noticed several sanitation stations throughout the restaurant and arcade for constant hand sanitizing. I was impressed by their efforts to protect their patrons and I appreciated the other guests doing their part to maintain a safe distance.

Sunday we took Jesse bowling at Bowlero off of 281 N. They also had several sanitation stations throughout the bowling alley with several areas and tables closed to the public. They required face masks at all times even when seated and bowling. We happily obliged and appreciated the extra precautions they took. My husband bowled a strike on his very first turn and I was annoyed because he denied my request for the use of gutter bumpers. He mentioned something about some silly age limitation. Side note: I am a HORRIBLE bowler and came in 3rd place. My 6 year old beat me with a 20 point lead every single game! Clearly not my finest hour.

We spent our Labor Day at our favorite place in San Antonio: The San Antonio Zoo. This place is nostalgic for my husband and I as we have been coming here since we started dating back in 2007. In fact, this was one of our first dates. Since the year Jesse was born, we have held zoo membership with our annual passes. We hadn’t visited the zoo since February and then the pandemic shut everything down and we began self-quarantining. We finally returned today and we had a wonderful time. There were some noticeable changes that made me a bit sad. The iconic Lion Pride statue at the entrance was roped off, prohibiting guests from taking photos. Ever since I was a child I’ve taken photos next to the statue and so has Jesse. I understand the precaution but it was still a bummer. On the bright side, the lions of the statue all had masks on! I thought it was a cute way to normalize wearing a mask. Nearly all of the exhibits were roped off to prevent crowding; you had to stand a good three feet in front to view the animals. Normally, there are photographers who will take your photo on a green screen and at the end of your trip, you can view and purchase the photos. There was none of that today which I’m sure was a preventative measure but I was still disappointed at the lack thereof. All day Jesse kept asking to go and brush the pigs at the petting zoo. We made our way over there only to discover the petting zoo had been removed! In it’s place was a new kangaroo exhibit where one can pay $8 for an up-close and personal experience. Jesse absolutely loved meeting Coral, a new mommy kangaroo with her joey resting in her pouch. The best part however, was the Wild Connections exhibit currently on display at the zoo. We encountered over 20 art sculptures all made of legos by an artist named Sean Kenney.

We certainly had an enjoyable last few days and overall it was a great Labor Day weekend. COVID-19 certainly changed some previous traditions like going to the beach but I’m grateful to have made some new memories. I get so caught up with everything I have going on that I rarely get to live in the moment. I’m so thankful for the quality time spent with my family and I enjoyed the day off of work. I hope you all did the same! Stay safe, be blessed, and love each other!

Con mucho carino,


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