Happy Mexican Independence Day

This year Mexican Independence Day has an entirely new meaning for me. 2020 will forever be known as the year of the pandemic but for me this has become a year of personal independence and new beginnings. Out of the blue, I was given a chance to begin writing again. I say again because IContinue reading “Happy Mexican Independence Day”

5 Tips For Making Back To School A Breeze

Are you ready for it? Summer has come to an end and its back to the hustle and bustle of school zones and car lines! Last year, punctuality was not my strong point. We were constantly running late, I was always forgetting something, and we had too many days start off poorly due to myContinue reading “5 Tips For Making Back To School A Breeze”

Back To School

The children of Bexar County will be returning to school this month. Parents, just like myself, are faced with making a tough decision. Our children have been out of school since March 2020. The summer has been spent under quarantine watching media coverage of ever-increasing numbers. These uncertain times have caused us all to questionContinue reading “Back To School”